2015 In Brief 

Here’s to the good times of 2015.

The hours spent catching up with friends over dinners (soup and salad, of course),
The time devoted to planning and plotting new recipes, to blogging and editing.

To convincing TVA to get whole wheat bread for sandwiches (#lifegoals),
To going to spin class (barely) and pretending to be fit.

Here’s to breaking my teeth over ingredient lists written in a language I barely understand,
And to being on a first name basis with the owner of the health food store on Emek (think I go often enough?).

To (finally!) finding all natural peanut butter and a place to buy organic fruit,
To refusing to accept processed corn schnitzel as a pathetic excuse for lunch.

The times they (meaning everyone) knew I was American before I even spoke (and the times I got free food because of my ever-so-obvious apparently “cute” accent),
The times I asked strangers for directions when the destination  was two doors away (I know, classic Sem girl…).

And the nights spent awake until 3:00 am doing actually nothing.

And, hey, let’s not forget the awkward moments.

You know, those imperfections that have made this year so perfect.

Like when I melted the tablecloth while taking out granola from the oven (sorry apartment-mates!),

To forgetting to tell my hosts I was vegetarian before Shabbat and then explaining why I would be skipping chicken soup despite being an Ashkenazic Jewish girl :/ (thankfully that only happened once),

To attempting to be creative and bring homemade honey cookies as a Shabbat gift and then conveniently forgetting them on the kitchen table. And to then enjoying them with friends after Shabbat…awkward.

To all the many things I’m leaving out,

And to all the things I’ve written down.

Here’s to happy endings and new beginnings.

Thanks for a great year, 2015.

Here’s to a great 2016!

HAPPY (a little belated) NEW YEAR!🎉

1 thought on “2015 In Brief ”

  • To your mom and dad, who did something right when we raised you.
    To you, for flapping your beautiful wings.
    May you continue to soar in 2016. We love you and we are so proud of you!!!

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