Adulting Nutrition is a virtual streamlined meal-prep subscription program for busy young adults.

As a registered dietitian and a busy young adult myself, I founded Adulting Nutrition with the hope that it would help make healthy eating more accessible to young adults – one of the busiest age groups that I can think of. Many young adults are balancing school with work, dating, adjusting to married life, young kids, socializing, and/or other responsibilities, and there is often little time or energy left for cooking. I understand firsthand the challenges of trying to balance it all while also craving the time to put together healthy, nourishing meals.

The Adulting Nutrition program will teach you how to balance healthy eating with life through a streamlined meal prep process.

Spend only 2 hours each week prepping basic staples

Avoid eating the same meal every day

Save time in the kitchen cooking meals

Free up more time for personal interests

Acquire lifelong cooking skills

“I absolutely love how flexible you are and how dedicated you are to making the program work for everyone in it. I’ve already gained so much and I’m really looking forward to learning even more from you!” – R.A., former Adulting Nutrition client

“When I started the program, I didn’t really feel so comfortable in the kitchen and didn’t know how to make any vegetables or fish. Learning those dishes was great because the methods transfer to other foods and now I’ve gotten the confidence to experiment with other foods similar.” – Rebecca, former Adulting Nutrition client

The Adulting Nutrition program may be a good fit for you if any of the below apply!

Meal-Prep is Overwhelming:

  • You’re lost when it comes to meal-prep for one or for two
  • You’ve tried meal-prep before but got tired of eating the same thing every day
  • You want a meal-prep formula that can be adapted to suit your specific needs and preferences

You Want to Learn How to Cook:

  • You’re a beginner cook looking to improve your cooking skills in a safe, supportive space
  • You want to be able to ask a recipe developer questions

You Want to Follow a Healthier Lifestyle:

  • You want to eat balanced meals but are unsure where to start
  • You want access to loads of easy, healthy recipes developed by a registered dietitian

You Want to Cut Food Costs: 

  • You want to save on groceries
  • You don’t want to keep spending on takeout

What’s Included

An Adulting Nutrition subscription renews on a month-to-month basis and includes:

Do you have questions about the Adulting Nutrition program? Check out the FAQs page for more information! You can email with any questions as well.

“I learned techniques that have been really helpful and good to know; for example your way of limiting the number of dishes/pots/pans used has really stuck with me (I loved the sautéing onions in a pot before boiling quinoa method!).” – Former Adulting Nutrition client

Subscribe to Adulting Nutrition

The Adulting Nutrition program is now being offered at the lowest price it will ever be offered at: $10.99 per month!
This is cheaper than one takeout meal!

Plus: everyone gets a free two-week trial. Your credit card will not be charged if you cancel the subscription before the renewal deadline.

The Adulting Nutrition program is currently paused for the foreseeable future and is not accepting new subscribers. Please check out the “SHOP” tab for e-books on meal-prep!