Adulting Nutrition

Adulting Nutrition is a virtual streamlined meal-prep and group coaching program for busy young adults by Dena Gershkovich, RDN. If you want to enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals yet are unsure where to start with the whole meal-prep process, Adulting Nutrition may be a great fit for you! No cooking experience is required in order to join the program, and you can rest assured that meal-prep does not mean eating the same thing every single day 🙂 .

Upon joining the Adulting Nutrition program, participants receive:

  • A digital workbook, which includes handouts, meal-prep pointers, food safety tips, grocery lists, meal-prep templates, 3 weeks’ worth of easy, nutritious, prep-ahead recipes and more!
  • Access to a private Facebook group where you can ask Dena questions at any time! Participants also post their weekly goals + weekly meal-preps in the Facebook group to help hold themselves accountable!
  • The ability to participate in weekly group Zoom calls where you can ask Dena questions in live time and connect with other busy young adults in the program

Click here to schedule your free Discovery Call! There is no obligation to sign up for the program if you schedule a Discovery Call.

What People Are Saying

“When I started the program, I didn’t really feel so comfortable in the kitchen and didn’t know how to make any vegetables or fish. Learning those dishes was great because the methods transfer to other foods and now I’ve gotten the confidence to experiment with other foods similar.”

– Rebecca, former Adulting Nutrition client

“I learned techniques that have been really helpful and good to know; for example your way of limiting the number of dishes/pots/pans used has really stuck with me (I loved the sautéing onions in a pot before boiling quinoa method!).”

– Former Adulting Nutrition client

“Being held accountable – posting in the group, and knowing there would be a video of me talking about what I’d done that week, definitely got me to stick to more of the goals.”

– Joe Hostyk, Former Adulting Nutrition client

“I absolutely love how flexible you are and how dedicated you are to making the program work for everyone in it. I’ve already gained so much and I’m really looking forward to learning even more from you!”

R.A., former Adulting Nutrition client