Adulting Nutrition FAQs

The Adulting Nutrition program is not a meal delivery service. Instead, the program will provide you with tasty and healthy recipes, grocery lists, videos, meal-prep tips, support and more so that you can gain confidence in the kitchen through preparing meals on your own. Please see more about what specifically is included as part of an Adulting Nutrition subscription here. The meal-prep skills that you’ll learn in the Adulting Nutrition program will truly carry you throughout your lifetime!

All meal-preps in the Adulting Nutrition program have been thoroughly tested to be completed in 2 hours or less. That being said, if you’re new to meal-prep, it may take a bit longer until you get comfortable in your kitchen. The more you meal-prep, the faster the process will go for you! Keep practicing! Also, each prep has tips for how you can prepare the dishes even faster, so you can always look to that if you find that preps are taking you longer than you’d like them to.

The Adulting Nutrition program features a variety of tasty, nutritious recipes. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, I have designed the program to mirror what I see as the healthiest way to eat. The program is “plant-forward,” meaning that vegetables and plant foods are typically the focus of the plate, and animal foods, like fish and poultry, while included, may not be included during every week of the program. As of now, red meat recipes are not included in the program. Rest assured that you’ll certainly leave the table feeling satisfied, even if you aren’t used to eating in this way now.

Every meal in the Adulting Nutrition program is crafted with the MyPlate model in mind, which means that it contains protein, vegetable and carbohydrate portions. It’s well understood in the nutrition field that including these food groups at meals is optimal for health and satiety. This model also allows for flexibility when it comes to eating, which is key to having a healthy relationship with food. Additionally, subscribers have access to a recipe database, so you can always search for alternative recipes there if you prefer to swap out a particular recipe for something else.

In the Adulting Nutrition program, “meal-prep” means preparing lunches and dinners for the work week (Monday – Friday) ahead of time. This is a great way to stay organized and/or improve your eating habits, especially if you have a busy schedule. It can also help with saving money and reducing food waste.

The Adulting Nutrition program values meal variety, so you definitely won’t be eating the same thing every day if you join! Adulting Nutrition subscribers learn all about my signature Mix and Match Meal-Prep Method, which explains how you can prep several staples early on in the week and combine them in distinct ways to create unique meals. By following this method, you’ll be able to truly maximize your time in the kitchen. I also place a big emphasis on adding homemade sauces and dressings to meals in the program to help spice things up!

I am a registered dietitian nutritionist as well as a writer, proofreader and recipe developer (see here to see where my work has been published). I completed my master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University, and I hold both a B.S. in Dietetics and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland. I completed my supervised practice hours to become a dietitian with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. I currently work in a private practice primarily focused on treating patients grappling with eating disorders and disordered eating, though I also see patients working through other nutrition-related concerns. Please see more about me here.

The various elements of my background work together to give you a carefully-crafted, life-changing product. You can feel confident knowing that the meals you’ll be eating in the program are balanced, tasty and dietitian-approved. Additionally, the meticulousness that I’ve been fortunate to develop through being a writer and proofreader translates to my recipes as well – all dishes have been thoroughly tested to ensure you won’t have any hiccups in your kitchen. I truly believe in Adulting Nutrition, and I am confident that it will benefit you in all the ways you’re hoping it will!

Absolutely! For every prep in the program, substitutions for how to make recipes dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian are offered, as applicable. Additionally, as an Adulting Nutrition subscriber, you’ll have access to a private Facebook group and a private chat group, where you can ask me questions specific to your dietary needs and preferences at any time. 

Yes! I am Modern Orthodox Jewish and keep a kosher kitchen. The recipes and meal ideas do not combine milk and meat.

I get it! This is why I created a two-week free trial period so that you can see if the Adulting Nutrition program is right for you! Click here to sign up for a free trial!

Absolutely! Adulting Nutrition subscriptions make incredible gifts, especially for recent college grads! Please email to arrange for an Adulting Nutrition gift certificate.

Of course! Adulting Nutrition subscribers have access to a private Facebook group, where they can ask questions and receive support from myself and others in the program at any time. If you need more support than can be addressed on Facebook or would like to speak to me privately, please email and we can set up a time and discuss pricing for a private meeting.

Have further questions about the program? Please email and I would be happy to chat with you!