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Meal-Prep Source

6 Easy and Nutritious Breakfasts That Will Get You Out of Bed

Nutrition Starring YOU

Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

Should I Take a Collagen Supplement?

Monica Reinagel’s NutritionOverEasy Blog

Are Superfoods for Real?

Six Free Apps That Will Make Meal-Prep Easier

The Nutrition Diva Podcast

Click here (and scroll to the middle of the episode) to hear some of my thoughts on meal-prep.

How to Meal-Prep Like a Dietitian 


Healthier Hamantaschen You’re Actually Going to Love

10 Cities Across the U.S. You Never Thought to Travel To (Plus Restaurant Recommendations)

Italian Chanukah Traditions + Recipes: A Conversation with Rebbetzin Shachar Banin

How To Repurpose Thanksgiving Foods for Chanukah

The Best Chanukah Gifts for People Who Love Fitness, Sports and Nutrition

The Best Chanukah Gifts for People Who Love to Entertain

The Best Chanukah Gifts for Bakers and Cooks

The Best Chanukah Gifts for People Who Love Makeup and Fashion

The Best Chanukah Gifts for People Who Love Crafts and Art

Podcasts to Listen to While You’re Preparing for Passover

45+ Mishloach Manot Theme Ideas

Play With Your Food: 6 Food-Focused Games

How To Clean Your Menorah

How To Organize Your Spices

The Best Ways to Clean Your Crockpot

We Asked 16 Kids What They Want for Chanukah, and This is What They Said

Food Scented Candles for Your Home

Barre: A Great Way to Ease Yourself Into Exercise

Nutritious Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods

Leftovers – No Problem! Repurposing Food 101

How To Stay Hydrated While Davening Outside

Yom Kippur Pre and Post Fast Foodspiration

How To Prepare Your Rosh Hashanah Simanim

Food Products That Will Cut Your Prep Time in Half


Improve Your Personal Statement With These Tips

Prep + Rally

Our Favorite Nine Days Recipes
How To Pack a Balanced Camp Lunchbox
Prep + Rally July 4th Recipe Your Kids Will Love

SoTov, a Blog by The Jewish Agency for Israel

Frozen July 4th Snacks You’ll Love

All About the Sourdough Craze, Plus a Recipe to Get Onboard

Your Complete Guide to Meal-Prepping (AKA Meal-Prep for Dummies)

4 Nutritious Recipes to Enjoy This Shavuot

An Authentic, Jewish Grandmother-Approved Potato Kugel

Passover Recipes You’re Going to Want to Make Year-Round

3 Breakfast Cookies That Will Improve Your Mornings

5 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Purim

3 Lighter Hanukkah Recipes for the Festival of Lights

Hearty Soups That Will get you Excited for the Cold Weather 

Delicious Vegetarian Recipes to try This Thanksgiving

How to Make Your Yom Kippur Fast go Fast

Healthy Recipes for Your Rosh Hashanah Table

5 Easy and Healthy Shabbat Recipes

UMD’s Well in a Shell Blog

How to Navigate the Dining Hall Like a Pro

What is a Healthy Amount of Healthy? 

UMD’s The Campus Trainer

I was the editor-in-chief of this student-run health and lifestyle publication for two years when I was in college

Freshman 15: Myth or Reality?

The Price to Pay for Eating Healthy

How to Win At Life: Advice From College Students

UMD’s Unwind Magazine

Paleo Diet Doesn’t Mesh Well With College Life

Comprehensive Dos and Don’ts For Building a Healthy Salad

Food for Change: The Maryland Food Collective

Does the “Freshman 15” Hold Any Weight?

Eating Disorders: What it is, Get Help on Campus

How to Optimize Your Breakfast (Plus Recipes!)

4 Tips for a Stress-Free Semester

Five Smoothies You Should Be Blending Now

The Farmers Market at Maryland Brings Green, Healthy Products to UMD Campus

Food Recovery Network (FRN) Blog

Five Films on Food Waste and Hunger That You Should be Watching 

UMD’s The Writer’s Bloc

Over 60 UMD Students and Faculty Attend Panel on Careers in Food Access & Security

‘What I Be’ Project Photographer Comes to UMD

Nutritionist Miriam Website by Miriam Botwinick, RD

The Right Way to Pack a Lunchbox 

The Nassau Herald

Hello Herald Readers, I’m the Summer Intern

North Woodmere Resident’s Lifelong Dream is Fulfilled 

Learning to Cry for the Right Reasons

Saving ‘Houdini’ the Goat

Aiming to Increase Long Island Railroad Crossing Safety 

Getting the Word Out on Policing and Safety in Cedarhurst 

Chabad of the Five Towns CTeen Program Begins Another Year

Far Rockaway Man Sentenced for Bank Robbery

One Step Closer to Honoring Joseph Sanford, Jr.

Look for the Large Green Box 

Battling the Drug Scourge

UMD’s Independent Jewish Newspaper, The Mitzpeh

Jewish Students Raise Over $700 for Breast Cancer Awareness from Cupcake Wars

UMD Students, Faculty Share Concerns Over Hate Speech, Safety On Campus

Urbanette Magazine

A Bike Tour of San Francisco

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